Hello and Welcome

My name is Edyta Kniżewska and I’m the Founder of FIT Legal Solutions, a specialist legal consultancy born out of the years of experience on the buy-side, sell-side and in private practice.

With a mission to positively disrupt the sell-side / buy-side collaboration, I have created FIT Legal Solutions to help market participants navigate through the maze of trading relationships. I strive to achieve quicker time to market for my clients by delivering more structured and tailored solutions to trading documentation negotiations.

I know from experience that a more personalised approach allows the buy-side to launch their products more seamlessly and the sell-side to better understand, often delicate intricacies of the buy-side processes, hence be more accommodating. I believe in fostering better business relationships.

Why do You need me

I believe that by finding synergies between various organisations (with often conflicting priorities) and by fostering better communication, I can achieve extraordinary results for my clients.

People are the true force behind the success of any venture. My relationship driven and people-oriented approach to what can be an impersonal business of trading is what makes FIT Legal Solutions a very unique proposal. Bringing people together and finding the common ground is what I have tried, tested and perfected over the past decade.

By working with me, you are giving your business and clients access to a wealth of unique and invaluable experience. You will be replacing multiple touch points at each organisation with one passionate and skilled individual who cares about your business and aims at delivering nothing short of excellence.

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