What I value Most

I care greatly about what I do and strive to deliver excellent results. I’m far from knowing it all and continue learning as I grow in this profession, if therefore, after our initial conversation and assessment, I know I cannot add any value or solve your problem, you can rest assured that I will tell you upfront if that’s the case.

I always stay close to the key regulatory and legal developments and am an active participant in the asset management sector. I’m proud to have built extensive, long lasting network of relationships across the industry, not only within the buy-side and the sell-side, but also with multiple service providers, various contractors and individuals with whom I had a pleasure of working throughout my career. I respect and value them all greatly.

I consider time and data amongst the most precious commodities nowadays; you can therefore trust that I will always value your time and treat any and all information your share with me as strictly confidential.

When I’m not trying to find the FITtest solution for you, you can probably find me outdoors somewhere, hunting for new adventures, both around the world and around the corner. I’m an avid reader and a blogger. I enjoy travelling and meeting new people, so I will always be happy to come by for a cup of coffee and discuss how I can help you.